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No referral is needed for an orthodontic evaluation! It is important to have an initial orthodontic evaluation around age seven to monitor the growth and eruption of teeth. In some situations, it is important to intercept developing problems at an early age. These include jaw growth problems, oral habits, severely protruding teeth, and lack of space for erupting permanent teeth. However, more general problems of simple tooth crowding are treated in adolescence. At your visit, we will provide an overview of your child’s orthodontic needs and carefully explain treatment.



Did you know that adult teeth can be moved just as well as children’s teeth? We provide orthodontic treatment, both braces and Invisalign, to all ages. No one is too old to get braces, and most bites can be fixed given the appropriate treatment. For complex problems, we will work with your regular dentist to coordinate your treatment. At your consultation we will provide a comprehensive summary of your treatment. 


Initial consultations are always free. When you come to our office for your initial appointment, we will sit down together to get to know you. We will then review your dental history, evaluate your growth and development, your dental and jaw joint function and determine whether treatment is necessary. This includes a comprehensive exam of the jaws, teeth, facial skeleton and airway. After the exam, we will discuss whether orthodontic treatment is right for you or your child—and if so, what your orthodontic needs and treatment options are.


Our office wants to provide the highest quality orthodontic care for you at a reasonable and affordable cost. The exact cost of the entire treatment will be presented at the first visit. We offer affordable payments plans for all orthodontic treatment. Our staff will work with your dental insurance provider to make sure you receive your maximum benefit. Furthermore, we are a PPO provider on many major insurance plans. 

If treatment is recommended, a comprehensive set of records will be taken, including digital orthodontic X-rays, photographs, and digital impressions. This information will be reviewed to determine what treatment is indicated. The doctor will review and discuss the optimal timing and strategy for treatment.

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