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At Solem Orthodontics we aim to provide exceptional quality orthodontic treatment in a caring environment. Every patient in our office is a unique individual with a unique smile. As such, we listen to your concerns and respect your perspective. We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve the best possible smile, and take pride in the job we do. We welcome you into a newly designed, customized orthodontic facility in Pleasant Hill, featuring state-of-the-art equipment. Dr. Christian Solem truly appreciates the opportunity to provide orthodontic care to children and adults in Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Concord and Walnut Creek. Beyond orthodontics, we strive to provide an encouraging environment where our patients feel listened to and respected.


“Today we had an Ortho consult for all 3 kids. Dr. Christian was awesome. Knowledgeable and very informative. I was shocked that he'd heard of my son's velo cardio facial diagnosis, and actually new it's true name, 22q11. He treated each of my kids respectfully.”

"Solem Orthodontics saved me in a pinch! A wire on my retainer broke and my last orthodontist appointment was over 15 years ago. Dr Solem first offered to see if it was fixable (it was beyond repair) and then he made me a new one and it was ready within a week! When I picked it up he took his time ensuring everything fit correctly, nothing was poky or messing with my bite. He also offered for me to come back and get it adjusted if I noticed anything down the road (it fit perfectly). Solem Orthodontics was extremely efficient and kind and I felt like I was in the hands of a professional. I’m reassured knowing I have a good, trustworthy orthodontist for any future needs."

“Dr Christian and team are the absolute best. My 8 year daughter is very fidgety and apprehensive at dentists and she loves it here. They give points for little gifts and that takes her mind off all else. All staff are kind, gentle and knowledgeable. Plus with a pretty significant cross bite we have a great plan for how to get her teeth in the right place. This place is a must!”

"Dr. Solem is trustworthy and I highly recommend. Overall, the office practices a great amount of personal care. I first visited Dr. Solem because my 20+ year old retainer broke. The process for a new retainer was quick - a single appointment to discuss options for replacement and within that same appointment he was able to take a 3D scan of my mouth to make the retainer. I've been really happy with the new one. Throughout the entire process, the entire practice was a pleasure to interact with. The offices are clean and the equipment is modern."

Robert had an impacted central incisor that prevented him from eating apples! We did a special surgery for his tooth and brought it down into his mouth. Thank you
for the beautiful art Robert!




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367 Civic Dr Suite 14  Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, USA

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